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An Important Message from the Board of Directors

We have been horrified by the recent events.  As we look around us and face the uncertainty of moving forward after COVID-19, it is truly disturbing that we are still looking at the ugliness of racism in our society. The civil unrest that is erupting in our surrounding areas is heartbreaking. The abuse of any type of power is unacceptable.

As a chamber, community is very important to us and we stand firm in our commitment that regardless of your skin color, you are welcome, appreciated and respected.  We cannot tolerate acts of violence against individuals or property. We need to work together to lift each other up to ensure Montgomery County remains a safe place to live, work and raise a family. Let us commit to accept each other’s differences and embrace all cultures to enable us to move forward. Please pledge with us to create an environment of equality and gratitude among and for all human beings.