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Veterans & Military

The Veterans & Military Committee plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the business community and veteran organizations in Montgomery County. By serving as a liaison, the committee helps facilitate collaboration and cooperation to enhance support and resources for military personnel and their families.

One of the primary objectives of the committee is to connect Chamber members who can contribute services and assistance to veterans. This connection allows businesses to offer discounts and other benefits to military personnel, recognizing their service and providing practical support. By promoting events and volunteer opportunities, the committee helps raise awareness and participation, fostering a sense of community and involvement among both veterans and the business community.

By bringing together these different stakeholders, the Veterans & Military Committee helps create a network of support and resources that can make a positive impact on the lives of military personnel and their families. It serves as a platform for collaboration, ensuring that the needs of veterans are met effectively while also facilitating the engagement of the business community in supporting those who have served their country.

Business Connection

Merchant List – Businesses have the opportunity to advertise their products/services and increase their customer base, and most importantly, show their appreciation to our veterans who have served to protect our freedoms by participating in Montgomery County Discount program. Enroll today at the Montgomery County’s Recorder of Deed office.

Volunteer & Donation Opportunities

111th Attack Wing is a unit of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, headquartered at Biddle Air National Guard Base in Horsham PA. Friends of the FRC (Family Readiness Group) is a 501(c) 3 that provides support through community partners, donations and volunteers. If you would like to donate to their pantry or volunteer your expertise/services, please contact the office:

    • Jenny Pappas, CMSgt (ret), 215.323.7135 or Anna Richar, 215.3237132


Police Department Recognition Day

There are 18 police departments in the Chamber's service area.  The Veterans & Military Committee is asking for your sponsorship support to recognize and thank the men and women in blue that work to protect our homes and businesses. The sponsorship money will be used to cover the cost of the food to be delivered to each of the departments and your company's logo will be included on a label attached to each of the trays. Sponsors are welcome to join the Veterans & Military Committee in making the deliveries.  The dates will be coordinated with each police department in the month of July.


Chamber Veteran-Owned Businesses

Committee Members


  • Chip Eissler, Christian Brothers Automotive
  • Bruce Hengey, The Hengey Group
  • Rick Horner, Eclipse Center for Creative Community
  • Garfield Jackson, Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Kevin Kaltenbacher, The Hasbrouck Education & Career Center
  • Robert Lee, Fulton Bank
  • Ray Liberto, Merck
  • Gary Miller, The Miller Financial Group
  • Vince Morgan, No Doozy IIT
  • Thom Starke, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Bob Zimmerman, BKS Consulting
  • Joy Zwicker, Iron Valley Real Estate