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The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County (Chamber) and The POWER of Professional Women (POWER) are excited to announce the formation of an alliance that aims to empower professional women in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. By combining their resources and expertise, these organizations will provide enhanced educational opportunities and networking connections to support the growth and success of women in business.

One of the key benefits of this alliance is the special access and discounted membership rates that Chamber members will receive from The POWER of Professional Women. This allows Chamber members to take advantage of the organization's events and initiatives, further expanding their professional network and knowledge base.

The alliance also emphasizes the joint effort in promoting the Chamber’s annual Power Your Potential Montgomery County Women's Conference. Representatives from POWER will join the Chamber’s committee in the development of the conference, ensuring its continued success and relevance. The co-promotion of events and the conference will help reach a wider audience and increase participation, providing more women with the opportunity to benefit from the valuable initiatives and programs offered by both organizations.

Overall, this alliance represents a strong collaboration between two established organizations that are dedicated to empowering professional women. By offering access to educational resources, networking opportunities, and support, the alliance creates an inclusive and empowering environment for women in the business community. It is a significant step towards promoting gender equality and creating more opportunities for women to thrive in their professional journeys.