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Choosing the Chamber that’s Best for Your Business

Joining a Chamber of Commerce should be a key element in your business or organization’s marketing and development strategy, given its affordability and potential for exposing you to prospective customers, clients and new business associates. But choosing the right Chamber to join may be a little more difficult, especially when there may be multiple Chambers within your service area.

Your first step in selecting the best Chamber to join is to reach out for more information. This simple step will help determine which is the most responsive, professional and welcoming organization. First impressions matter, and you may discover quickly that one Chamber rises above the others based on your initial contact and their interest in you and your business.

Next, look closely and specifically at the benefits and opportunities the various Chambers offer. Consider what you would like to get out of your Chamber membership, how you’d like to be involved, and how the Chamber membership will support your business.

Most Chambers will offer opportunities like networking, community engagement, education, business directories, sponsorships, advertising and committee involvement. However, these activities will vary in frequency and effectiveness from Chamber to Chamber. If networking is a priority for your company or organization, do some research into the businesses that are part of each Chamber and look for customer and B2B prospects that match your needs. If sponsorships and advertising are high on your priority list, take a look at the variety, frequency and reach of these opportunities at each Chamber. If you’re interested in committee involvement or serving in a leadership role at some point, review each Chamber’s volunteer opportunities and leadership structure.

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County is proud to be the most active Chamber in the County, offering in-person and virtual monthly events, a golf outing, job fairs, speed networking, annual dinners, an annual women’s conference, and much more.

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