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Women Supporting Women

Power With A Purpose (PWAP) provides support to women in Montgomery County who are in employment transition through the Employment, Advancement and Retention Network (EARN).

As the US Census Bureau's 2020 American Community Survey reports, Montgomery County has a poverty rate of 5.8%, with females facing a higher rate than men.  The PA Labor and Industry's Center for Workforce Information and analysis also reports that over 1400 females in the county are currently on Unemployment Compensation.  PWAP is a unique program that will give EARN participants access to professional women from various industries and at different stages of their careers, who will serve as conversation leaders and mentors.

As women transition back into the workforce it is an opportunity for personal growth.  A new role can give a sense of accomplishment and independence but also may present challenges.  In many cases the stress of maintaining multiple roles and demands as a working woman can also impact physical, emotional and social well-being.  PWAP allows women to support and empower each other, ultimately enabling them to gain independence and financial stability through family-sustaining wage occupations.

PWAP Programs

Empower(ment) Hour:

One hour virtual group discussion hosted by successful women in their careers to share experience and encourage conversation on issues such as work-life balance, self-care and belonging.


Cup of Coffee

A one-time casual virtual or in-person meeting that matches returning workers with a woman in their field of work or area of interest for a conversation and a new connection.



Mentors can provide help in guiding women through the challenges they confront in transition back to work. The opportunity to discuss candidly and confidentially concerns, difficulties, and aspirations with an empathetic experienced person can make a profound difference in a woman's career.

If you are an EARN participant and would like to learn more or register for one of the PWAP programs, please click here.